About Us

Who We Are

Since 2014 our main activity is development and production of high quality speaker components. We are using one of the most successful and innovative industrial technologies today: Our products are made out of carbon fiber.

Our Technology

Thanks to the single-layer or to the Sandwich-structured carbon fiber, we achieve weight loss while maintaining stiffness. In addition to mechanical properties, durability and modern design are important to us as well.

Single-layer speaker CONES

Reducing moving mass while maintaining rigidity means: Increasing speaker sensitivity.

sandwich-structured speaker CONES

If the great stiffness is the goal, you can maximalize it with our technology.

carbon FIBER dust caps

Protect your precious speakers from dust and other particles with our high quality and exclusive-looking carbon fiber caps.

speaker surrounds

We offer self-made speaker surround edges in high quality for affordable prices

modification, restoration

In addition to production we focus on repairs and modifications too.